Waltham Forest Libraries - 2007

burning page
Photo used by kind permission of Michael Bina

Since the refurbishment of the Central Library, and the closure of the St. James branch at Coppermill Lane, the Library Service and museums have become hot topics at our Community Council meetings!

Where are all the books? How many have been burned? Are our libraries getting better or worse? Also, is everything quite as it should be with the appointments process?

Councillor Geraldine Reardon, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Arts & Culture has provided detailed responses to a number of questions raised (many in writing via our Help Form) at the November Community Council meeting. I'm making them available here (38Kb What is PDF?).

Update: A Scrutiny panel examined the issues surrounding the closure of St. James St Library - you can read the report here (32Kb What is PDF?).

Update: (28 Jan 2008) Cllr Reardon has issued another briefing, this time focused on the William Morris Gallery. (107Kb What is PDF?)

Update: (May 2008). Daniel Fenwick, acting Directory of Governance & Law, wrote in January and February to a local resident who had asked for clarification on the appointments process. It is now clear that there is no objection (as had been thought) to these two letters being made available, and I reproduce them here. Letter 1 (28Kb What is PDF?), Letter 2 (25 Kb What is PDF?).

Philip Herlihy
Community Chair,
Walthamstow West Community Council

5 June 2008