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Could someone be watching you over the Internet ?

Eyeball image - perhaps trying to access your machine, snoop on your information, or download a destructive "worm"? 

You can read more about the issues involved in this (external) article: 

Technology section - Boot Camp 143 "Stopping the Snoopers".

from (registration may be required):


The solution:

You should install a Firewall image

For non-commercial use, the excellent ZoneAlarm firewall is available free from the link below:  

 - (search for the word "Free"!)

ZoneAlarm is a simple "firewall", which detects and (optionally) blocks traffic to and from the Internet.  It's a safe bet that you'll be surprised how many times your machine is probed when you're online.  ZoneAlarm is fairly easy to install.  Every time something tries to communicate, it asks you if you consent, and it can "remember" programs like your Internet browser and email client.  McAfee, Norton and other manufacturers have similar products available.

Other firewalls which are free for personal use include Kerio and Outpost: both have received good reports.

(Commercial users should seek advice from