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Modern Virus Scanning software, correctly configured, may detect a virus arriving on your computer within seconds.  McAfee  and Norton are very popular for the desktop, and Kapersky has won critical acclaim, but there are many alternatives, and it is beyond the scope of this guide to weigh the pros and cons.  However, we understand Grisoft and Avast both offer a free personal Antivirus system which appears to be at least adequate. We have found that the Microsoft "Security Essentials" (free download) is particularly good, and isn't as intrusive as many.

You can't do without virus protection, and you must also keep it up-to-date.  

New viruses appear every week so you must update your software at the same frequency or you be caught out.  Your anti-virus software may do this automatically if correctly configured, or there may be a button to press.  You need to check it is being done - there is usually an option in your AntiVirus program to display the date that the virus "definitions" file was created.  If it's as much as a fortnight out of date you're vulnerable - we've seen a system badly damaged by a virus which had been released on the other side of the world only three days before.