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New Threats
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Key Defences
System Loopholes

You can download the latest Internet Browsers free from the links below.  These are large files - if you have trouble downloading them ask us for advice.

bulletOpera 7
bulletNetscape Navigator 7
bulletMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6 **

**  If you use Internet Explorer 5 or 6, you should also download and install the latest "security patch" .  Earlier versions of Internet Explorer have known security loopholes.  You can get this from Windows Update.

If you use Netscape Navigator 6 or Internet Explorer 6 we've found that the older McAfee VirusScan Version 5.21 does not work well with these new browsers.  The later versions of VirusScan do work well. Some editions also incorporate a firewall, but our experience is that ZoneAlarm is easier to use.