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Microsoft have a website which can detect which updates your system needs, download them and install them for you.  We strongly recommend that everyone uses this regularly - weekly is not too often, as new vulnerabilities are currently being detected all the time.  You may even choose to make Windows Update the home page in your Internet Browser. Our experience is that is is effective and easy to use for all versions of Windows.  However, you may find you need a lengthy update the first time you use it! can supply its customers with most updates on CD.

We also recommend you install the AutoUpdate facility, which will normally be offered as an option when you visit the Windows Update site.  If you've disabled it for any reason, you can turn it back on (Windows XP Pro) via the "System" applet in the Control Panel.  Using this facility means that you can stay one step ahead of Virus writers - automatically.

You can read more about Windows Update here.

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